Bracelet PR149.1SL

Bracelet, PR149.1SL

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This exquisite Ladies Bracelet, PR149.1SL, is perfect for adding charm and sophistication to any outfit. Constructed using natural leather, the piece is finished with a striking żółte złoto, giving it a luxurious, eye-catching look.

The bracelet is composed of three elegant strands of leather secured by a clasp. The two outside strands are richly braided, adding texture and movement to the piece. The middle strand is finished with a series of golden elements, including textured, diamond-shaped pieces in a dainty żółte złoto. These elements are partially finished in rose gold, creating a subtle contrast.

The bracelet has a delicate softness to it, ensuring that it sits comfortably against the wrist. Its subtle colouring lends itself particularly well to everyday wear, as it adds a touch of glamour without overpowering an outfit. The żółte złoto elements offer a hint of sophistication, making the piece a great choice for special occasions.

The PR149.1SL bracelet is a timeless piece that is sure to be admired. Its quality materials and skilled craftsmanship provide a luxurious feel, whilst its versatile design allows you to wear it whenever you please. A perfect addition to any jewellery collection.

stainless steel/natural leather
szary/żółte złoto
Lenght bracelet
21 cm
Szerokość bransolety
10 mm
Dodatkowe - kolor
Ozdobne charmsy

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Bracelet, PR149.1SL