The founder of the brand was a frequent guest of the most stylish and unique Parisian evenings, during which he had an opportunity to present his fashion stylizations. As the event approached, he put all his effort into preparing his evening clothes, always very original, but his favourite thing was to tinker with old but still stylish watches left by his grandfather. Nothing was more important to him than bon chic!

About 20 years ago, a Frenchman, representing his brand Pierre Ricaud, decided to visit the international watchmaking fair Basel World, where he met the Adriatica "Swiss MadeWatches" team. Driven by his curiosity, he asked about the watch manufacturing process, the mechanisms used, in relation to the affordable price.

After a few weeks, cooperation was established between the Adriatica team and the Pierre Ricaud brand. Adriatica with its invaluable experience in watchmaking and the Pierre Ricaud team with its unique style and almost unlimited ideas, decided to develop the product with an emphasis on high quality, interesting design and maintaining a competitive price.

The work of both teams was guided by key principles to guarantee the durability of the product: the use of stainless steel, the PVD method, Japanese quartz movements such as Citizen or Seiko, the use of sapphire glass, anti-reflective glass and Swarovski crystals to add "So Chic & Glamor".

Today, the brand is over 20 years old. The expected goal has been achieved - the collection is very rich, characterized by high quality and competitive prices.

The friendship between the Adriatica and Pierre Ricaud teams is still strong and the brand is now distributed in more than 20 countries.

What else is there to say? Time and life are fleeting, but the memory of the great moment remains eternal ...